Welcome to SINC3, where our motto is "Turn the Page..!"  There is so much to see and learn about yourself here. 

At S.I.N.C.3...

There are times in our lives that we have to begin anew. We are here to help! We are dedicated to..

"Provide opportunities where women, men  and  children can meet, care, comfort and collaborate with each other in the mission of growing together in God's word and provide direction and purpose in the lives of others."​

Our Guiding Principles

"Pray"- Proverbs 3:6 & Psalm 51 ​

"Remember" - Ecc 12: 1 &  Ps. 103:1-22

"Know" - Jer. 1:5 & James 1:4  ​

"Love" - Matt. 22:34-40  ​            

 "Be" -  Romans 12-2            

 "Do"- Phillipians 4:6-13

Upcoming S.I.N.C.3 Events:

  •  We are currently paling our event list for 2019 and updating our site with photos of past events!  As we continue to update, please listen to the Video below and  share your thoughts by using one of the information buttons.

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We believe in the words of this video and work towards this goal in every project we're involved in.

Check it out and you'll begin to discover what you are capable of!